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Your medical facility needs to be properly maintained in order for it to grow and thrive. And with BiMedis, you’ll have a reliable tool to help with the sales and equipment portion of your business.

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Sales Leads

As a medical facility, it can be hard to find leads internationally. For instance, if you have a facility based in the US, it will be difficult to find leads within Europe or Asia. However, BiMedis’ platform helps with this process.

With BiMedis, you can receive leads directly on their site. Additionally, you can get call based business inquiries. As a result, you’ll receive more contacts willing to work with your facility which leads to a higher profit revenue in the long term.

Targeted Audience

Since the medical market is so large, you need to have a target audience. Doing this will ensure that your product fulfills that niche target’s need and reduce marketing costs on your end.

BiMedis helps medical facilities reach their product or equipment to the market you’re attempting to reach. Want to sell medical equipment to people between the ages 20-35? BiMedis can help. Senior citizens? BiMedis has that covered as well.

Multilanguage Support

For over 2 years, BiMedis has completed their goal of making their business international. The site currently supports languages in: English, Spanish, German, French, Ukranian, Romanian, and Russian.

And, you can sign up on the website free of charge. You can agree with terms of purchases with sellers, agree on using new and used medical supplies, receive advice, and get offers nearby you. Because of this, you won’t have any issue getting your medical equipment sold using this platform!


No matter what product you’re buying or selling, you’re going to want some verification behind it. Doing so prevents both sides from creating conflict with each other, resulting in a loss of sales. BiMedis prevents fraud by ensuring each user is verified, resulting in a safer and more efficient marketplace.

Unlimited Buy/Sell Advertisements

Let’s say that you have over 200 products that you’re willing to sell. With BiMedis, you can use their platform to sell all of them. This is different in comparison to other marketplaces where you are only allowed to sell a limited number of products at a time.

And for buyers, this benefits you as well. You can buy as much medical equipment needed to help improve your facility. When looking on the site, make sure that the equipment you’re buying is going to help your employees. Doing so will improve their overall productivity and help increase your patient outcomes.


And there you have it. BiMedis is a powerful addition to your medical business if you are attempting to obtain more sales and patient engagement. Once used properly, you’ll find it easier to get market leads, sell to your target audience, and buy the materials needed to help your facility stay prepared for the future.