Mars Candy Bars Recalled After Plastic Found

On Tuesday, Mars, the chocolate maker based in the United States announced that it would recall candy bars along with other items in 55 European countries as well as elsewhere after plastic was discovered in one product.

Roel Govers, a Netherlands based spokesperson for the Mars company, told reporters that the recall would affect 55 countries. However, no further details were released by Govers, saying only that the company would be emailing an official news release at a later time.

Mars in Germany confirmed that it was one of the 55 countries involved in the recall. Company officials in Germany said in a prepared statement that the recalls had affected products that had been stamped with the “best before” dates June 19, 2016 to January 8. 2017.

The statement from Mars Germany said the company had intentionally chosen a production period that was long so they could ensure that all possibly affected candy products had been recalled. The statement added that Mars had been communicating closely with authorities in food safety.

The statement from Mars Germany did not specific which other countries would be affected by the recall and Mars in Germany would not respond to repeated calls and emails requesting updated information.

A new agency in Germany called dpa cites a spokesperson from Mars Germany as saying the recall was voluntary and affected products made earlier in the year in the Netherlands.

The food safety authority in the Netherlands posted what it announced was a press release from Mars on its website that said that plastic was found in one of the products that could become a choking hazard.

The list of products that were affected by the recall included Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Celebrations and Mini Max.

Mars Inc is based in Virginia and privately held. It also is the owner of the largest chewing gum business in the world Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.

The Mars family is the owner of this very secretive company; making it one the wealthiest families in the U.S. said Hoover.

Included in the recall are:*

  • 250g bags of Mars Funsize (product code AV39F) with a best before date from 11/09/16 to 02/10/16
  • 227g bags of Milky Way Funsize (product code AV39J) with a best before date of 02/10/16
  • Variety Funsize – Family Favourites (product code AV33W) with a best before date from 29/05/16 to 14/08/16
  • Variety Funsize – Party Mix (product code AV33T) with a best before date from 15/05/16 to 07/08/16
  • 388g boxes of Celebrations (product code AJ46N) with a best before date from 08/05/16 to 28/08/16
  • 245g boxes of Celebrations (product code AJ46R) with a best before date from 08/05/16 to 28/08/16
  • 5kg catering cases of Snickers Miniatures (product code YF413) with a best before date of 07/08/16 and 14/08/16

*Courtesy of BBC