Anthony Miller

After earning an MBA from the University of Michigan, Anthony Miller spent a decade working for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. After the financial crisis devastated the industry, he turned his attention to writing business news, drawing on his experiences in the corporate world to analyze the activities of some of the biggest businesses operating today. He recently moved to New York with his wife, daughter, and two sons.

Paula Ricardo

Paula Ricardo draws on her decades of experience working in the financial industry in the Chicago area to write about a wide assortment of topics under the finance umbrella. Many of her stories focus on stocks, business news, and the latest financial innovations.

Stephan Jacobs

After spending two decades in the investment banking industry, Stephan Jacobs switched careers to explore his original passion, journalism. Today, he focuses his attentions on news related to hedge funds and commodities trading. Each of his stories reflect his unique viewpoint and vast knowledge of the financial world.

Dante Gardener

Dante Gardener has spent the past 15 years working for entrepreneurs and small businesses, learning just about everything regarding getting a small business off the ground. In addition to his coverage of the newest trends in the business world, he is also the owner of a small business aimed at helping other small businesses obtain funding for their operations.

Donald Scott

After graduating from the Ohio State University with an MBA, Donald Scott embarked on a journalism career focusing on financial and business news. Throughout his career, he has been published by some of the biggest names in the news industry, including the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Reuters.

Alanna Baker 

A journalist for 14 years, Alanna Baker has covered a wide range of topics in the business world, including mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, and business finance. She currently covers the latest news surrounding the largest global corporations.

Caroline Horne

Since graduating from Boston College, Caroline Horne has spent the last fifteen years covering stories on banking, investing, and wealth management for prominent publications including Corvus Business Newswire and Investopedia. She is also the owner of a small business specializing in financial and business content.

Donna Armstrong 

After working for years at a major credit card company and in consumer credit repair, Donna Armstrong turned to writing about her experiences to help others make sound financial decisions. Today, she focuses much of her attention on matters of money management and personal finance, but also covers small business matters and investing. She also is currently attending the University of Florida working on her MBA.