FNY Investment Advisers LLC Acquires New Holdings in DelMar Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:DMPI)

FNY Investment Advisers LLC acquired a new position in DelMar Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:DMPI) in the 4th quarter, according to the company in its most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The institutional investor acquired 47,000 shares of the company’s stock, valued at approximately $32,000. FNY Investment Advisers LLC owned 0.41% of DelMar Pharmaceuticals as of its most recent SEC filing.

Separately, Sabby Management LLC acquired a new stake in DelMar Pharmaceuticals in the third quarter worth approximately $526,000. 10.35% of the stock is owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.

Several brokerages have recently issued reports on DMPI. Maxim Group reiterated a “buy” rating on shares of DelMar Pharmaceuticals in a research report on Friday, November 15th. Zacks Investment Research raised DelMar Pharmaceuticals from a “sell” rating to a “hold” rating in a research note on Tuesday, October 29th.

NASDAQ:DMPI opened at $0.59 on Wednesday. The business’s 50-day moving average price is $0.62 and its 200 day moving average price is $0.84. DelMar Pharmaceuticals Inc has a 52-week low of $0.40 and a 52-week high of $6.29. The firm has a market cap of $6.72 million, a P/E ratio of -0.19 and a beta of 1.31.

DelMar Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:DMPI) last issued its quarterly earnings results on Wednesday, November 13th. The company reported ($0.21) earnings per share for the quarter, beating the Zacks’ consensus estimate of ($0.40) by $0.19.

DelMar Pharmaceuticals Profile

DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a clinical stage drug development company, focuses on developing and commercializing anti-cancer therapies to treat cancer patients who have failed to respond to modern therapy. Its product candidate includes VAL-083, a DNA-targeting agent, which is in Phase II clinical study for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), as well as other solid tumors, including ovarian cancer.

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