Experience (ASX:EXP) Shares Down 4%

Experience Co Ltd (ASX:EXP) shares traded down 4% on Thursday . The stock traded as low as A$0.24 ($0.17) and last traded at A$0.24 ($0.17), 298,124 shares traded hands during trading. The stock had previously closed at A$0.25 ($0.18).

The firm has a market cap of $133.40 million and a price-to-earnings ratio of -2.76. The company has a 50 day moving average price of A$0.24. The company has a current ratio of 1.31, a quick ratio of 0.82 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 25.80.

Experience Company Profile (ASX:EXP)

Experience Co Limited, an adventure tourism and leisure company, provides tandem skydiving services in Australia and New Zealand. It also provides white water rafting, canyoning, helicopter and boat tours, island day trips, reef tours, snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef; rain forest tours in North Queensland; and hot air ballooning in New South Wales.

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