Prepathon Redesigns Education Bot Project To More Effectively Assist Students

Special Education FundsBased in Mumbai, the Inzane Labs company Prepathon has been working to develop unique new educational tools for maybe the past year. About six months after starting the project, though, the company abandoned its initial idea to build an educational assistant and tutor and chose, instead to focus on building a handful of bots that can specialize on one focus and a singular purpose.

According to CEO Allwin Agnel, the bots will be able to carry out specific tasks with the ability to enhance or even replace some aspects of the overall educational experience. They may even enable more personalized learning.

In an interveiw, Agnel reported “We are going to be personalizing the learning experience by offering you a wide range of bots that make sense for you.”

Previously, the company ran into some problems when trying to create an all-in-one A.I.-powered education assistant, so it was back to the drawing board, so to speak. “The types of questions we got asked weren’t like

‘What should I do this week?’ The questions were of the type … ‘I am extremely sad that my scores are bad. What do I do?’” Agnel explains. “People want a shoulder. They don’t want the teacher, they want a shoulder to cry on or to get support on.”

As such, the company is launching a handful of bots, today, which include:

• A “Motivation” bot that can keep students motivated through reminders, social support, and more.
• A “Revision” bot that can analyze student work and help them understand ways they can improve
• An “Announcement” bot that will help students better schedule study time based on the amount of time they have available so that students can better prepare for a test (in several weeks or months, for example).

“Now,” Agnel attests, “Now we can have a coach bot and then it could be clear that this question is going to a human being and that you might have to pay extra for it,” adding, “I think as long as you set that expectation right I think people will behave appropriately.”

This is because they company is using information based on data science and not artificial intelligence; a far more accurate metric for success in this field.