Flag your Uber Driver With Color-Coded Light Strips

uberFlagging down a cab in most cities around the United States is not always easy, but at least it is easy to know which vehicles to flag. But over the past few years, the municipal passenger transport industry has expanded into a public market allowing almost anyone with a fair vehicle to start their own business. And those who have managed to do so are quite fond of the freedom and flexibility—and profitability—this budding industry has to offer.

Of course, consumers are fans of it as well; Uber and Lyft are very popular as alternatives to public transportation as well personal vehicle ownership. As a matter of fact, many people who own vehicles also use companies like Uber to help run errands or, maybe as safe trip home after a few drinks at the bar.

But one obstacle this industry faces has much to do with the fact that Uber transforms [almost] any car into a cab without those iconic lights atop the cab. How are you supposed to tell which car is coming to pick you up?

Sure, the app tells you how far away they are and you do have the option to call the driver, but Uber is now testing a new way to identify your driver.

Color-coded light strips.

Is this really necessary? Maybe there is just so much traffic in your city that it is not easy to discern one car from the next. Maybe you are just really drunk and you can make out one light for another.

The plan is to put light bars in the windshield of an Uber vehicle, which riders can match to their phone and wave in the air so the driver sees them.

Obviously, it is embarrassing to try to get into a car that turns out is not the Uber you ordered. Of course, that can also be pretty awkward too.